Coming Soon: The Art of Bushi Tales vol 1


Scheduled for release in early 2010 is the long awaited Art of Bushi Tales. We originally starting advertising and talking about this book in 2007 and even produced a very short run to see what the fans thought. Well, we sold out in a couple of shows.  But Lin and I were not completely happy with how the book turned out and felt we needed to wait until materials from the entire Last Titan storyline could be included.

That material is done and the book looks fantastic. This will be a must have for Bushi Tales and art lovers everywhere. Here’s the solicitation description for the book:

The Art of Bushi Tales, Now in BUSHICOLOR

Dave Beaty, Lin Workman, and Micah Stewart take you behind the scenes at Pencil Neck Studios. See the scripted page come alive from pencil sketches to painted art. Includes a special full color BT fan gallery featuring art by Bret Blevins, Greg Cravens, Anton & Janet Wade, Andrew Chandler and more!

The art of book will be followed by the full color Last Titan trade paperback. In the coming weeks we’ll be giving you a preview of some of the pages from this book and announcing more BT goodness for 2010. So be back here next week for the latest BT news!

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