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by davebeaty | August 19th, 2009

Starting today will be updated twice a week. Once on Wednesday and again on Sunday. Wednesdays will become Sketchbook Wednesdays and will showcase random sketches by series co-creator Dave Beaty. Think of it as his unofficial sketch blog. Sundays will feature a new webcomic titled Ausur: Protector of the New World by Ronnie Shenks Jr and Dave Beaty. This will be Ronnie’s first assignment as a NEW writer joining Team Bushi Tales. Without further delay on to the sketches…


Here are several rough Batman & Superman sketch cards. If you like what you see and you represent a company that needs sketch card art please contact us!

kirbyheropencils.jpg kirbyhero.jpg

Pictured above are the pencils and final artwork for a Jack Kirby superhero used in a Free Comic Book Day ad for Stalking Moon Comics in Prescott Valley, AZ. Stalking Moon recently closed it’s doors and we are officially without a comic book store. Hopefully a new one will open soon.


Here’s our last piece for this update. These pencils were for an illustration to accompany a  story about internet bullying. What can you expect on upcoming Sketchbook Wednesdays? Lots of cool sketches and never before seen artwork from the re-launch of Stargods. The comic may not be returning to shelves anytime soon but the art we have to share is fantastic. Our next update is Sunday so be back here for your first look at Ausur: Protector of the New World.

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