Ausur: Protector of the New World


Starting next Sunday- The NEW free webcomic Ausur: Protector of the New World. The comic is set firmly in the world of New Terra and Ausur was first introduced in the back-up story “the Monster” from Bushi Tales #1. You will be able to access the webcomic two ways. First, by clicking on it in that Sunday’s posting or by clicking on the Webcomic: Ausur link in the site nav. This  feature will be written by new BT Team writer Ronnie Shenks Jr. and illustrated by Dave Beaty.

Also, production on the the Art of Bushi Tales book will be finished  this week and will be available for order much sooner than expected. We will be uploading preview pages and letting you know where you can order this exciting new release from Pencil Neck Studios.  So be back here next Wednesday for another Sketchbook Wednesdays update and then come back Sunday for the debut of Ausur: Protector of the New World.

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