Star Wars Sketchy Details

This Monday I was on Fox13’s Good Morning Memphis and news talking about drawing Star Wars sketch cards for Topps.

I talked about working on the Empire Strikes Back and Star Wars Galaxy 6 card sets, and who would win in a fight- Batman or Vader?

I had a lot of fun drawing and joking around in the Bat-Cave (my studio) with Fox13’s Tom Dees and Derric Curran.

I did a total of 106 sketch cards for each set (mostly in markers) and hope to do more in the future.

The Empire Strikes Back cards are available in stores now. The Galaxy 6 cards should be out in stores this spring, and the above Topps promo featured my Anakin card.

You can see more of my sketch cards on my site-, and see the Fox13 video here.

May the force be with you always! Yub-yub!


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